︎Fragment Bags

€ 35,- / € 45,-

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︎Recent designs include smaller sizes.

︎Each bag comes with a certificate of authenticity.
︎Shipping worldwide. Within Rotterdam free shipping.

Each fragment is carefully selected from the life-sized PVC canvases specifically designed for Milan Design Week 2018 (Fragments #2). By cutting, rotating, and sewing these new ‘fragments of fragments’ into bags, a new visual logic arises once again.

The Fragment Bags question our everyday frame of reference, when ventilation shafts become graphic patterns, a thermostat suddenly turns into a showpiece and marble walls get wrinkled. They are like pieces of an unsolvable puzzle or a dream that falls apart after waking up. Once part of a bigger picture, the fragments are now creating their own value by becoming useful objects. It is when light hits the newly constructed surface, that these fragments are truly brought to life and express their new appearance vividly.

More bags are being made and will be up for sale soon!