︎Fragments #1

Constructing a fantastical building and a fictional narrative, the fragments are an ode to our imagination. Initiated as a response to the improvident usage of imagery by the current architectural practice as advertisements for a hollow and exchangeable built environment, the fragments celebrate the possibilities of architecture, while also appreciating the unexpected and the unknown by functioning as a mediator between a parallel universe and reality.

The building has never been designed and drawn out in its entirety, but has been realized through the elaboration of these five fragments. By approaching and showing architecture in this way, I try to make the audience look at architecture pro-actively; in a way they all become curators of the building by organizing the different fragments of the project according to their own insight. However, because it turns out to be an unsolvable puzzle and the overview is lacking, the images show resemblance to fragments of dreams: at first you think you can remember the dream in its totality, but when you try to reconstruct it, you will realize how absurd and disconnected it actually was.