︎Fragments #2 

When I was asked by the Milan Design Market to design the scenography for their exhibition during the Milan Design Week 2018, I decided to take the concept of the original Fragments #1, and take it a bit further. Most distinct characteristics remained intact; no people, and no recognizable building function, so the audience is forced to create their own storyline. But instead of designing a series of images that seemingly represent the same building, I decided to create different scenes with different structures and buildings, so the visitor would feel submerged into a lifesized surreal architectural landscape. Because the overview is still lacking, the scenes could be indoor or outdoor. Are they facades, or interiors? Where does that elevator take me? On which floor are we? The images refer to banal architectural details like ventilation shafts or a thermostat, but mix these features with hints of roman ruins or eighties-inspired glassbrick walls.

The original prints that were exhibited in Milan, are now made into bags, and you can buy them over here.