︎Venice Biennale of Architecture - ‘Planta’

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Exhibition and presentation of the Planta project at the Venice Biennale. Commissioned by Fundació Sorigué. Organizing, designing ánd building an exhibition in a real Venetian Palazzo for the Architectural Biennale on very short notice, required a skillset I didn’t know I had. This exhibition was truly a team effort and really proved how rewarding short and intense projects can be. The line between the big scale architecture project and abstract exhibition models and conceptual experiences was intentionally blurred, by emphasizing on common themes like materialization and tactility. The exhibition model for instance, was made from candle wax mixed with sand from the actual project site (Lleida, Spain) and sculpted into place in the main room of the pallazo, while listening to the conservatory students playing their instruments.

In collaboration with KAAN Architecten, Vincent de Rijk and Armin Linke.